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Petro Julkunen

Current positions


Education and proficiencies

  • Master of Science (biomedical engineering), Tampere University of Technology, 2004
  • Doctor of Philosophy (medical physics), University of Kuopio, 2008
  • Medical Physicist, University of Kuopio, 2009
  • Docent (medical physics, neurophysiology physics), Department of Applied Physics, University of Kuopio, 2009
  • Specialist Medical Physicist (clinical neurophysiology), 2014
  • Radiation Protection Expert 2009 (healthcare) / 2020 (industry)


  • Head of course “Radiological physics and radiation safety”, Radiological Society of Finland and University of Eastern Finland
  • Head of course “Physics in Clinical Physiology and Neurophysiology”, University of Eastern Finland
  • Lecturer on course “Medical Signal Analysis”, University of Eastern Finland
  • Lecturer on course “Neuroscience for Medical Students”, University of Eastern Finland
  • Lecturer on course “Physics in Clinical Radiology”, University of Eastern Finland

Scientific merits

Relevant duties

  • President of European Board for Accreditation of Medical Physics in Medical Physics
  • Radiation Protection Expert, Operative Radiology, Kuopio University Hospital
  • Radiation Protection Expert, University of Eastern Finland
  • Radiation Protection Expert and Webmaster, Karelia Magneetti, Joensuu
  • Radiation Protection Officer and Expert, Chairman of the Board, and Webmaster, Sataman Sydän Oy, Kuopio
  • Radiation Protection Officer, Lab Animal Centre and Department of Technical Physics, University of Eastern Finland
  • Chairman of Committee for Radiation use, University of Eastern Finland
  • Vice Chairman of Advisory Committee in Radiation Safety, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
  • Chairman of National Coordination Committee for Medical Physics Training